“I love carving a stone and letting it tell me where it wants to go,” Jesse Ensling says of his sculptures. “It is a process that speaks to me and connects me to a past when carving stone was just beginning.” A painter as well as a sculptor, Ensling captures nature in many forms in his work, letting his sensitivity to color, shape and texture lead him. The artist calls his style “expressionistic and abstract,” but his control over his materials and ability to create a feeling of movement and depth in his pieces give them a powerful immediacy and physicality.  His sculptures, executed in stone and marble, exhibit strength and delicacy.  Their undulating arcs giving the solid material lightness and freedom.

Ensling’s oil paintings are his way of “depicting nature's two dimensionality.” Using a palette that animates soft earth tones with accents of pink or yellow, he creates a world that exudes a sense of harmony while remaining spontaneous and open. “My art expresses my love of nature,” he says, and that feeling gives his work its special appeal.