February 2015

Wow!!!  January and February have just flown by even in this horrible weather mattern we are having this year.  I did three group shows in January with hob'art gallery and Rahway Arts Council, just to start the year off on a roll!  Now those sculptures have all returned home and I am working on getting the Greenwich Arts Council show in May and the Monmouth Museum sculpture show in June put together and hope I get into both shows.

Meanwhile in the studio, I am trying to get my seahorse finished and brought into the shop for mounting but, the sanding seems to never end before I can polish it!!  I will be starting a blue marble starfish as soon as I am finished sanding!  Not sure how I have found the time but, I started painting again.  I had an old canvas that needed something new so I put it up on the wall to work on it.  It's 84" long x 28" high and has been a challange since it's been a long time since I have painted - number one and two because I don't have much more to move back to see what I am doing. Ha!  It's been interesting and I think very different from my usual serene seascapes.  This has very big stormy waves since I have so much canvas to use.