Spring 2016

So this winter was a challenge as most times are these days for one reason or another.  This winter I challenged myself to learn how to weld so I could create a stand for my seahorse.  Well, I was a bit over reaching in this goal not knowing anything about welding.  By the end of the class I released - with a bit of help from the instructor that I needed more training than I thought in this medium.

I will be another class before I am ready to tackle this project according to the instructor.  I hope he is right.  I will spend the summer in a hot welding room so I hope I can acquire the skills to finish this piece by the end of term.  

Winter 2016

It was an amazing year, 2015, filled with so many exhibitions.  It was lots of work and fun to do but, took me out of the studio for the most part so by the end of the end of the year I was exhausted and weary of any more shows.  I have decided to limit the number of show for 2016 and spend more time in the studio.  

I have tried to find someone to make a base for the seahorse so I wouldn't have to drill a hole in it to stand it up but, no takers.  So I am learning metal work so I can make it myself. I will make the base and than a pedastel for it as well.  Also, I am have way through another shell in blue marble which is coming out very well.  Realized I have missed working in the studio and feel it is where I need to spend most of my time when not working to pay the bills.

After much delibrating over buying a camera I finally did and have been trying to figure out how to use it.  It has more buttons and things to use than I will be able to remember how.  But I hope my website is looking better than it did before.  If not, let me know what you think so I can keep working on it.

Back into the studio while I wait for spring!!


Summertime 2015

Spending the summer working on my show for November at hob'art gallery.  I am putting 5 sculptures in this show and calling them figurative impressionism, a study in stone of body parts.  It seems like I haven't had much time in the studio this year but, most of my time has been spent cleaning, sanding, grinding, and making bases for all the shows I have done this year.  12 in the past year!!  It's been fun, crazy and tiring to do so many.  I thought to have something sold to show me where I need to target my market efforts but, to no avail.  I have spend my budget doing all these shows and have received great press, acculades but, no sales.  So I am finishing my last show in November and see where I will go next year.  

However, I have decided that I would take a bit of time to get back into the studio and work on some new pieces from a stone that has been moved around for many years and not really worked on.  So, I am going to bring it into the studio and see what I  can do with it!  ecks!!!  I do have one shell in the studio that I have to finish and look forward to getting that at a point where I can sand it at home. Much to the disappointment of my sweetheart that doesn't like to mess but, since I do the cleaning it is tolerated. :) 

A camera is needed next year to finish taking pics of newest work and putting them on website that is the bain of my existance.  Techie stuff and me are not friends!

May 2015

We are in the heat of crazy!  Art on the Avenue reception is tomorrow and so many other things going on as well.  But back in the studio on Saturday to continue working on a new clam shell in the last of the blue calcite marble and hoping it doesn't break apart on me.  Also this summer I need to get ready for my show in November!!!!  So much to get ready for this since I am going mostly on my own.  I have two others showing with me but, I need to do a lot of the work myself.

February 2015

Wow!!!  January and February have just flown by even in this horrible weather mattern we are having this year.  I did three group shows in January with hob'art gallery and Rahway Arts Council, just to start the year off on a roll!  Now those sculptures have all returned home and I am working on getting the Greenwich Arts Council show in May and the Monmouth Museum sculpture show in June put together and hope I get into both shows.

Meanwhile in the studio, I am trying to get my seahorse finished and brought into the shop for mounting but, the sanding seems to never end before I can polish it!!  I will be starting a blue marble starfish as soon as I am finished sanding!  Not sure how I have found the time but, I started painting again.  I had an old canvas that needed something new so I put it up on the wall to work on it.  It's 84" long x 28" high and has been a challange since it's been a long time since I have painted - number one and two because I don't have much more to move back to see what I am doing. Ha!  It's been interesting and I think very different from my usual serene seascapes.  This has very big stormy waves since I have so much canvas to use.


Moving into 2015

It went so fast..2014 but, here we are in January and already looking at the spring/summer months to fill with shows.  Thinking of a pop-up gallery deal with a few friends for this time period and hope to find a space that is just right to show off my sea shell collection.  I have most of the remaining year already filled in.  Crazy!!  And I am also looking at doing a new series of work in stone as well as getting some paintings done.  Hmmm!  Wonder how that will go?  It looks like another exciting year coming our way!!  Stay tuned!